Find the answers for the most frequently asked questions

How long is my flyer available online ?

We store the flyers on our server for about ten minutes.
So remember to download the flyer.

Can we download the application on IOS ?

No, for the moment the application is only available on Android. If you are on IOS you can still generate a flyer from our site.

On the application the import of data from an online ad is only compatible with Craiglist?

Yes for the moment this feature (available only on the Android app) only works with Craiglist.

I have bugs on my device, what should I do ?

You can let us know here. If the problem is with us, we will try to fix it.

Why is the short url not displayed on the detachable coupon ?

the url you entered must not be valid, indeed if the base url does not exist, no short url can be produced and no url will be displayed on the detachable coupon.

How many themes are available ?

On the application you have the choice between 4 templates, but on the website 9 templates are available.