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Automatically import your data from your Craigslist ad to make a flyer with tear-off tabs and 3D-barcode (PDF)

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How to import data from your craigslist ad to automatically generate a flyer with MakeFlyer ?

1) On your smartphone, go to your craigslist ad

2) Use your browser menu to share the ad url with the Makeflyer app (like in the screenshot below)

sharing a craigslist ad with the makeflyer app

3) By sharing the url with the application, you will be redirected to the application and all fields will be pre-filled, make sure they contain the information you want to appear on the flyer

import ad data to makeflyer app

4) We advise you to check the description, it is limited to 700 characters. You can click on the notepad to see the full text and edit it more easily

enter description of the flyer on the application

5) Choose the template for your flyer by clicking on the button

choose the template of the flyer on the application

6) Finally, click on the button to generate the flyer and wait a few minutes. Once the PDF has been generated, if it suits you, remember to download it

flyer with tear off tabs generated by the makeflyer app from a classified ad on craiglist

This is a small demo to show how to import your data from your online ad. Of course, with our application you can also create a flyer by filling in all the fields manually, you can also do it via our site here. For any additional questions, you can contact us or consult our FAQ.